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Looking for a good, modern and easy to use Bootstrap template for your next website? You landed to the right place! We at WrapCoders create responsive, high quality and elegant website templates using Bootstrap, the most popular frontend framework.

Bootstrap is certainly the most preferred framework or tool for developing responsive websites. It is widely embraced and therefore being used by web developers, and also many leading web development companies. Almost all web templates and modern websites are built on top of the Bootstrap framework nowadays because it has the most amazing features, it’s functional, and is very reliable. You can easily notice websites that are made with Bootstrap because they are very fast, come in style, and are responsive. Bootstrap was introduced and started being used in 2011, and in those years that it has been running, it has matured and stabilized. In its early stages, Bootstrap was known as the Twitter blueprint as it was created in the Twitter laboratories. Bootstrap is now the core and also the main qualification for all website templates. Bootstrap’s main aim is to connect developers with designers. Many people who have dreamt of owning a website see their dreams actualized by Bootstrap.The design of Bootstrap is consistent and is also easy to customize and no wonder many people love Bootstrap. Bootstrap keeps on releasing updates so that it can meet the needs and standards of the modern world. Nowadays almost every template that you will come across on the internet is created with the Bootstrap framework. This evidently shows you that Bootstrap is a very effective and efficient framework. It is very important to choose bootstrap when creating your templates because you are sure that the outcome will be perfect and you will have therefore made the right choice.We create clean, elegant and beautiful free website templates and themes using Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS & JavaScript framework

Before Choosing Bootstrap

Bootstrap is responsive, portable to begin with, winning, and front-end structure, which is produced alongside CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. There are predefined classes in bootstrap that can be used to construct up the front end of the pages, which is perfect for most browsers and across devices, in a brief length of time which generally would be an exceptionally tedious errand.

A website theme with Bootstrap is a lifesaver both for professional web designers and beginners. As Bootstrap is a free framework, it has become extremely popular within months after being released back in 2011. What makes Bootstrap so favored? How can you personally (as a potential website owner or an app developer) benefit from this framework? Bootstrap official website →

It is a well-known fact that the main aim of Bootstrap is to facilitate the process of building responsive and easily customizable websites to the fullest. But for a beginner, it is also important to understand the key principles and features of a theme with Bootstrap.


Put simply, Bootstrap helps you to organize the content within its 12 column grid (s. image below). The more informative your website should be, the more rows and columns it will contain. Every column and row can be filled with a certain content block, i.e. a popup or a subscription form. Yes, this is simple. Bootstrap grid systems →


The biggest advantage of Bootstrap is that it offers you dozens of ready design templates, containing HTML and CSS for specific purposes, like a drop-down menu. In other words, with Bootstrap, you get access to the unique “library”, where every book is a handy feature like a gallery, a menu, a web form, etc.


The best part about Bootstrap is that to enjoy the diversity that this framework has to offer, you do not need to be an expert in HTML and CSS (or JavaScript, for that matter). How so? Web agencies that develop modern Bootstrap themes usually “hide” the Bootstrap functionality in the admin panel. Instead, these themes are equipped by advanced visual website editors (usually based on the drag-and-drop principle) in order not to confuse novices. But if you know where to look, you will be able to see the whole beauty of Bootstrap, won’t you?

What makes a theme with Bootstrap your #1 choice when it comes to web design? Here is a list of possible answers:


  • Bootstrap is manageable. Even if you lack extensive expertise in HTML, CSS, and JS at the moment, you can make your website look eye-grabbing simply by making use of the Bootstrap functionality. How exactly? You can find a zillion of tutorials, both videos, and posts, on how to implement Bootstrap on your website quickly.
  • Bootstrap is mobile-friendly. As more users choose to browse the web using their smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to choose a theme with Bootstrap. This way you will not have to create a mobile version of your multi-page website from scratch. With Bootstrap, you only need to specify the number of columns in the grid system that should be loading horizontally to ensure that a website looks good on smaller screens.
  • Bootstrap is time-saving. Bootstrap allows you to use its pre-written design templates. As you do not have to reinvent a wheel every time you need a certain combination of layout and content. By using the Bootstrap functionality, you actually save time for other important aspects related to your website’s performance, e.g. the SEO-optimization.

As there are tons of Bootstrap templates on the web these days, it is important to single out the ones that you will truly benefit from. To help you, we have compiled a list of essential features that differentiate a professional theme with Bootstrap from the other tempting but not really well-polished offers. So, any theme with Bootstrap that is created to a high specification should be:


  • Built by an established web agency. If an agency has been on the web market for at least a few years, then this agency is more likely to offer you professional products. Yes, there are sporadic examples of ambitious young businesses that rock the web design universe with their high-quality offers. But in general, the longer you practice, the better you get. The competition in the web design industry is immense, which leads to the survival of the fittest. So, before buying a theme with Bootstrap, conduct a background check on the web agency that developed the theme.
  • Developed to dominate a specific market niches. The more niche-specific content you find in a theme with Bootstrap, the easier it will be for you to customize this theme. The same goes for layout. If a theme with Bootstrap contains pre-populated pages aimed at a specific target group, then you can actually see what market potential this particular theme has.
  • Backed by tech assistants. Yes, Bootstrap is extremely user-friendly. Yes, you will be able to build a spectacular website even with a limited understanding of how Bootstrap works. But no, nobody can guarantee that you will not come across a tech issue that can compromise your online project in the future. That is why, choose a theme with Bootstrap that comes with free tech support, and preferably the one that is available 24/7.

Bootstrap gives the designers the adaptability to create. It’s a CSS structure with predefined classes for format using its lattice framework, different CSS segments, and Javascript capabilities.


These are all included and the designer has the adaptability and the opportunity of using just those classes that are required in the markup. This makes it exceptionally adaptable as just those items that are required in the markup are used by the designer leaving the rest.

Responsiveness is the most important of Bootstrap framework. Every year cell phone devices continue to become well known hugely and therefore the necessity of having a responsive website has ended up obligatory and vital as well. Bootstrap offers a 12 column grid system, layouts, and components.


It conforms itself relying on the device resolutions of their customer. You can perceive the number of spots in the grid framework that you might want each column to take part in with the use of instant classes of bootstrap.


The grid has classes sm, xs, md and lg each speaking to a device resolution. The developers simply incorporate these classes while defining the visibility of a component in the markup. So, today it is cleared that the responsive grid makes creating responsive sites truly simple using Bootstrap.

One of the primary advantages of using Bootstrap happens to be the speed of the advancement. While driving out another, crisp site or application quickly, you absolutely ought to reflect after using Bootstrap. Rather than coding from scratch, Bootstrap lets you use instant coding blocks keeping in mind the end goal to assist you in putting up.


You can mix that alongside CSS-Less usefulness and cross-browser similarity that can offer an approach to the saving of adequate hours of coding. You can even purchase instant Bootstrap themes and change them to fit your prerequisites, for picking up the fastest potential course.

The parts, for example, drop down menu are made intelligent with the various JavaScript modules packaged in the bootstrap bundle. In the event that you anticipate requirements for sliders, tabs, accordions, then you no longer need to attempt and test various diverse modules available on the web.


Including these functionalities is simply an issue of including a few lines of code and you are good to go. With the customization alternative, you can likewise pick just certain modules to keep the record size to a base.

Bootstrap releases a bigger number of updates than whatever another framework. The bootstrap improvement team when experiences any issue, sets about sharing it with the system.


With Bootstrap updates released reliably and often, you can rest guaranteed that you are working with the most recent tools. This likewise guarantees a more extensive scope of cross device and cross browser similarity.

As Bootstrap holds a major support team, you can be furnished with help at whatever point there comes any issue. The makers dependably keep Bootstrap upgraded.


Shortly Bootstrap is facilitated, extended, and protected on the GitHub alongside more than 9,000 submits, and additionally more than 500 presenters.

Bootstrap has an exceptionally itemized documentation and a boundless community supporting it. Regardless of the possibility that a developer is new to Bootstrap, the documentation gives an awesome support in learning it with no bothers.


The documentation incorporates illustrations and demos which help to understand the ideas and getting used to Bootstrap in a limited amount of time. Regardless of such a nitty gritty documentation, there is a possibility that a designer can stall out at some place, so there is a limitless group and a great deal of discussions that answer questions.


On the off chance that you as a web developer or web designer are new to Bootstrap, hope the above mentioned 7 advantage and reasons of Bootstrap using as a front-end CSS Framework we have brought forward, are helpful to you.

Truth be told, Bootstrap has shaken the web industry to its foundations. It is both simple to learn and sophisticated once implemented. Sure thing Bootstrap will remain one of the driving factors for the web development industry for at least a couple more years (which is a lot, given the speed of changes in the web market). So, give the Bootstrap functionality a try and build your website today easily!

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